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Parallel Lines


What is it?

There are no excuses for racism yet, racism is has been in our society for far too long. So, what exactly is it? Racism includes prejudice (a liking or dislike for someone without a good reason) discrimination (an unfair judgement of people based on specific characteristics such as: race, sex, age or sexual orientation) and hatred.

 Racism or, racialism is the belief that humans may be divided into separate biological race groups; it’s not accepting diversity and the uniqueness of an individual. It doesn’t necessarily associate with violence as a common act is racial name-calling and jokes. Racism can harshly influence the life of a person. It can impact ones ability to find a job, get education, have equal access to healthcare, housing, power supply or get fair treatment in the court of law. 

Unfortunately, kids get affected as well. In schools for example, kids with a different skin color might get picked on for being "different", teachers might show less attention to them just because they consider the kid inferior which is something no kid should go through.


"The voices calling for an end to the killings of unarmed African Americans need to be heard. The voices calling for an end to police violence need to be heard"

-Michelle Bachelet, UN high commissioner for Human Rights.


Sadly, many dark-skinned individuals have been attacked or murdered by police-men just because of their appearance.

Here are some examples: 

  • Andre Hill (47- year-old): An officer, Adam Choy shot, killed and handcuffed Andre Hill. He lay on the ground for 5 minutes and 11 seconds until he, unfortunately, died. 

  • George Floyd (46-year-old): May 25 2020 George Floyd was handcuffed face flat to the ground. Officer Derek Chauvin's knee was on Floyd's neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Throughout this time, George Floyd kept repeating that he couldn’t breath and not one of 4 officers showed any sympathy or help him. All four were fired and Chauvin was sent to jail. 

  • Atatiana Jefferson (28-year-old): Jefferson's neighbor informed the police that her door was open, as the police went in, Jefferson was shot and killed through the window of her home in the presence of her 8-year-old nephew.

  • Stephan Clark (22-year-old): Officers thought that Clark was holding a gun as they shot him more than 20 times, in reality, Clark was holding his mobile phone.

  • Tamir Rice (12-year-old): Tamir and his sister were going to the park and Tamir brought a toy replica gun. A white police-man shot Tamir and shortly after tackled his 14-year-old sister to the ground, handcuffed her and put her in the back of a police vehicle. On the way to the hospital, unfortunately, Tamir passed away.


The people listed above are just some examples of hundreds. 47, 28 and 12 year old's who had dreams and goals that they sadly couldn’t achieve because they were killed due to the color of their skin.  

Quotes from Boards? 

Movements, Protests and quotes from boards: 


The conflict is concentrated on dark-skinned people and how they should be considered equal to any other race; in the past, dark-skinned people were considered inferior to the rest just because they seemed different. 

After more unrightful deaths, people began to realize this injustice and it became a world-wide movement.

Many people posted and or promoted the issue throughout the platforms of social media using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter spreading the word all over the world catching the attention of society overall. 

After a while, citizens from all over the world began to march/protest boosting the idea of Anti-Racism. In the U.S alone, tens of thousands of people marched throughout the streets of Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco holding banners, posters and boards to promote the unfair problem. It's stated that 15-26 million people have participated in the protests of George Floyd. 

After this large protest, people started fighting for the justice of other races/religions and created other campaigns such as: 

  • Asian Lives Matter 

  • Muslim Lives Matter

  • Palestinian Lives Matter

  • Every Life Matters.


These protests are revolutionary peace movements and hopefully in the future racism won't be a problem for anyone!


These are all examples of protests. 

Boards, Posters, and Banners all promoting the same issue, Racism . 

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