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What it is? 

Bullying is an unwanted behavior around some people who like to bully and hurt people smaller in size or age, especially in schools.


Bullying may happen during school hours. Most bullying happens in the school building.

A significant percentage also happens in places like the playground during break or during lunch, on the bus, or in any vulnerable situation a person might experience.


And bullying does not only happen in school but also outside the school in a neighborhood, workplace, and in any community.


It also can hurt young children's feelings and breaks their heart and letting them out of the house and being scared to go to school and be exposed to the outside world in fear of getting bullied. 


Cyberbullying is the same as bullying at school but its online like four people bullying one person alone or not working with him and not giving him work to do and telling him that if he said something to the teacher the will come to his place and hit him and making him scared.


Cyberbullying is not only bullying a weak or a normal person it also affect famous people

That get bullied on their pictures or videos people write a very bad comments that can affect him or her.


Example 1:the bulliers in the school they look for the weak person so they can bully him and take from him his food and his stuff.


Example 2:physical bullying/mental bullying


Example 3: some of the boys bully so the people pay attention to them

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