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For our project, we decided to gather primary information as well. We wanted to gather opinion-based details/ knowledge for a different perspective on the different topics. 

We interviewed Dr. Daniela Vagni, 
Clinical physiologist and family therapist, she's specialized in working with women and children. She's been working in the humanitarian field for 15 years with both unprivileged children and women. 
Angkor Hospital and Sangkheum Center for Children were both places where she worked!

Below are the questions she answered, put in transcript form, enjoy! 















Angkor Hospital for Children, Cambodia

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  1. Do you think protests and marches can change people's points of view on racism?

"For me, it's very important to ask specific protests and marches. The protests may become more violent, which is something I absolutely don’t agree with. But I believe that they are important because they raise awareness about racism and about the problem in general, and so it increases awareness about people around the world. As well as showing solidarity. And when there is racism, most of the time people are isolated or are treated as inferior. And so it means that we should support them; so I believe that raising awareness and showing solidarity during specific protests and marches have a meaning and an impact." 

Gender Inequality:

 2. What are their motives and beliefs in regard to becoming a feminist or masculist

"What I think is that you decide to become a feminist more than masculinist, the right of women Is more recognized for so many years and if you think about it, I don’t know if you've read in the news, during covid women rights awareness has been increasing in an unbelievable way. Because the percentage of women that have been a victim of violence inside the house, considering the physical body of a man is relatively stronger, once you get a lot of justice especially when you don’t have rights that you should have you start to stand up and express your thought and you want your voice to be heard. That’s why the feminist movement was born. Only one voice is hard to hear, but when many people get together, it is hard not to hear." 


 3. How can childhood bullying mentally and physically affect a child's growth over time?

"Almost 12 million children are a victim of bullying. The problem of bullying is that if you are a victim, what the bullies want and often are able to get is they want to crush your identity. Because the bullies have personal problems. It might happen if a child has been bullied especially at the moment when you have to start to build your tools to face the challenges of life. It's like you start to lack self-confidence and you feel like a nobody because you are treated like a nobody. And so the impact of bullying in children has a strong impact that is sadly not recognized by parents, teachers, or friends, not supporting will lead to young adults that don’t see the beauty they have in themselves they lack self-confidence, trouble with social skills when they look at the mirror, they see what the bullies tell them. And so it harming the confidence of the person being bullied." 

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